Your Friend at Che Cafe - 4.1.16

Gumption is the new album released by Lawrence-based musician Taryn Miller, who has adopted the moniker Your Friend. Gumption is an ambient compilation of folk songs recorded and produced by renowned producer Nicolas Vernhes. 

Miller began with a self-recorded EP entitled Jekyll/Hyde, which was released in 2014. The focus of Miller's debut album was how she perceived the world around her. Miller was finding her artistic foothold as a musician and she reflected those findings in her lyrics. 

With the 2016 release of Gumption, Miller has shown her perception of her own identity by reversing the focus of her songwriting to target herself. Her debut full-length album is a record of personal growth and discovery. 

Your Friend is playing on Friday, April 1st at Che Cafe in San Diego. Get tickets here:

Also, check out Your Friend's "Come Back For It" video: