Nice as Fuck at The Glass House - 7.13.16

words + photos by Joe Cortez

Perhaps the best way for me to sum up Nice as Fuck's performance at Pomona's Glass House on Wednesday, July 13 is to simply tell you, dear reader, that the three piece came out to the theme from Jem.

Just when you think Jenny Lewis is out of tricks up her sleeve she emerges seemingly out of nowhere with Au Revoir Simone's Erika Forster and The Like's Tennessee Thomas to form Nice as Fuck. From being on absolutely no one's radar to the talk of everyone in the know basically over night, the band staked its claim as the group du jour with three shows over two nights in the south land.

In keeping with the surprises, Nice as Fuck performed each of their shows not on the stage but in the audience proper, literally removing the barriers between fans and artists, creating what was easily the most unique and memorable show I've been to all year. The Glass House's sizeable dance floor seemed to just barely contain Lewis, Forster and Thomas as they (Lewis in particular) provoked and engaged just as much as they delighted and entertained the crowd gathered.

Check out my photos from the night below and for more on Nice as Fuck, be sure to like Nice as Fuck on Facebook. Special thanks to The Glass House for arranging coverage. For a calendar of upcoming shows, be sure to head over to

Nice as Fuck Photo Gallery